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Are you ready to become a professional Market Profile Trader? Do you have the correct MP Trading Plans and MP Tools to trade any market? Are you in a trading room with Daily Clinic Support and Live Trading? 

Drive Your Trading Future With Market Profile, 8 Day Types, Profiles, Delta & Order Flow.

If you’ve ever dreamed about becoming a professional emini day trader and saying goodbye to the work day world, our emini trading room can provide the key to unlock your emini future. At Emini Trading School, we provide people just like you the knowledge and logic they need to succeed in this exciting alternative for creating and maintaining wealth.

Greg’s TPO software is a must have, IMHO.  Knowing that 30 minute time frame is correct makes the trading day a much calmer, patient and focused event.  The concepts  of value area to value area and vertical markets alone makes weeding out low probability, late to the party momentum trades much easier. The ability to merge and split the chart or build composites from a given day gives one the tools to see the market in a different way, and have a deeper insight into what is really going on in the auction.  You let the market tell you what it is doing, instead of the other way around.  I have only been with Greg for 2 1/2 months, and the learning curve is steep, but very worthwhile.
Bret Wilson 09/12/14 Active Member

Feel like I am finally getting in touch with what the market is doing, instead of being at it’s mercy. It is amazing how these pieces go together and to learn, hear and see a narrative of what is actually taking place and more importantly where the market is going. Have looked for years and have finally found what I have been looking for, the best tools/systems and someone that truly cares and who wants you to succeed, a true mentor. Thanks Greg Bob Henzel 09/12/14 Active Member

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