Neutral to Neutral Extreme Day – 6 emini day trade winners in a row

Today was a very easy emini trading day with knowing the Market Profile Day Type within the first 30 minutes after the opening bell. Knowing the day type and then using the emini trading school trading plan sets the trader up for easier day trades.

We started out with a Neutral Day and capitalized on the emini markets with the automatic Market Profile Software for Ninja Trader and Tradestation. Our software traded in the direction of the auction market theory and picked every top and bottom and the breakout at the close to go Neutral Extreme. Many emini trading school traders were in the 6 point plus short which had a two point stop.

Emini Trading School reviews the Market Profile Trading Plan with their students each day in the emini trading room. Many of our Market Profile Traders were 6 for 6 with their emini day trades. Please view our video of NinjaTrader Neutral Day Type 03/28/11 Market Profile Trades.

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