Major Market Profile Breakthrough with wide Value Area Days using NinjaTrader

Market Profile trading does have unanswered nuances that effect us emini day traders as well as other day traders. Value Area does not catch up to price  when we are building or developing a new distribution. Some Market Profile books do discuss this and have the trader visualize a new value area, but this is not going to be consistent or always correct. EminiTradingSchool reviews and has developed a value area that does catch up to price once we start building a new distribution like we did for July 21st, 2011 in the latter part of the day. Emini Day Traders must know where the correct value area is in order to place a day trade, or they sit until the value area catches up with price. Price can lead value tripping up the Market Profile trader or Value leading price which is easy to see and trade.
Eminitradingschool again has resolved a major market profile nuance and that no other Market Profile trader has been able to resolve in the last 15 years. We will be using this adapting value area on Vertical or Double and Triple Distributions Days, news event days, and with a b and P profile. Market Profile traders really are not traders who think, but follow a trading plan. When we have to think we are usually wrong and do get tired. This self adapting value area will make the profile traders more money and with better accuracy. We suggest you sign into our emini trading room to learn more about this major breakthrough.

We look forward to showing day traders how well our Market Profile Trading plan works with the Ninja Trader Charting platform. The trading plan is always correct and the day trader needs to follow it until they have reached their trading goal for the day.

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