Emini Trading School Monthly Subscription 30 Day Demo to the Emini Trading Room

Emini Trading Room Monthly Subscription 30-Day $325.00 – Over 40 hours per week of screen time in our Emini Trading Room.

  • Your training starts the same day you sign up and with access to the live Emini ES  Emini Trading Room and Bond Trading (during Trend and Vertical/Double Distribution Day Types).
  • We email you the initial two hour Emini Trading Room Intro Training Video, Market Profile Line Color Legend, Market Profile Glossary and so you can start learning the Market Profile and our Market Profile missing link entries and exits immediately.
  • Each month we email the trader more training videos which will help you with your success.
  • After your first month in our ES Emini Market Profile trading room you will become a stress free trader, and who utilizes the Market Profile Footprint to be on the correct side of any market. Trading is not and cannot be get rich fast scheme. It does take longer than a month to learn any new job.
  • After your first month in our ES Emini Market Profile trading room you will learn when to trade and when not to trade, and how to accurately use dynamic stops and dynamic profit targets. Any emini trading room or system vendor who claims you will know how to trade within a week or two is misleading you and more than likely they will not be trading what they are claiming to teach you.
  • After your first month you will have access to one Saturday Seminar Market Profile Training Class per month. This is your room access to our famous Market Profile Trading Plan.