Emini Trading School is an emini futures trading site that embraces the trading concept of leaving your ego at the door, knowing that 95% of most new traders fail because of the exaggerated emini trading strategies made on the internet by most other trading sites, emini trading rooms and self proclaimed trading gurus. Knowing this, we believe that by addressing this problem at the outset the new futures trader is in a better position to embrace proven Market Profile winning emini trading strategies and trading concepts that will lead to incremental success in their trading. By slowly building a foundation with Emini Trading School’s missing link Market Profile Software.

EminiTradingSchool has evolved over the last 15 years from charting with graph paper and using Esignal Quote Trek, NinjaTrader, Tradestation, Think or Swim and every indicator and charting platform before finding Market Profile, the only methodology that tracks the market as it is truly being traded using Auction Market Theory. We all did well in the markets in the late 80’s and 90’s using canned indicators such as moving averages, stochastics, rsi and various trend indicators that came with NinjaTrader and Trade Station charting platforms. This method of trading with accuracy (as compared to reading value within the market) was very inefficient and a money losing situation for most traders except for the random luck daytrader. Subsequently, increased computing power has radically transformed trading into a knowledge based event. But it takes more than technological knowledge to successfully trade. It takes the added ingredient of logic in understanding market flow and direction and efficiency of the market.

This is mainly due to the massive influxes of money flowing into the markets from large hedge funds, new indexes, derivatives, and the other numerous trading vehicles during a worldwide 24 hour market via a click of a button and using algorithmic program trading. In the past money has worked its way into the markets throughout the day via the auction market process. Now, unlimited money flow is literally thrown into the markets – disrupting the stability and reliability of all indicator systems and breakout systems, Fibonacci, support and resistance programs, basically all indicator based entries or emini trading systems.

As a result, price does not lead the markets and has no value compared to “market value”. The markets will always return to the value area if you know what the value area is, and we do.

Price can control the market and when it does we let the value area indicator tell us that new prices are being accepted in the markets.

At Emini Trading School, we understand that it takes more than trading knowledge to be a successful trader. It takes the ability to apply logic learned from similar traders as ourselves in the use of Market Profile regarding the auction market theory.

Over the years Emini Trading School saw the fundamental changes occurring in the markets, and listened to traders internationally around the world indicating how trading had become untradeable in the new millennium. We at Emini Trading School knew it was time to begin viewing data in an organized fashion that truly reflects the bid and ask auction process and through a complete market auction. At Emini Trading School we were already looking at the large Market Profile document by the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) and saw how valid this methodology of trading was. Since then Market Profile(MP) trading has stood the test of time. Our Market Profile Software automatically adapts to the current market conditions, so the trader will not need to make changes in the future with their trading plan. We have a trading plan going into each trading day.

At the present, Emini Trading School now sees the markets as non-range bound, or a distribution, rather than overbought or oversold. Remember, there is no such thing as overbought or oversold with the massive money flow within the market place. Markets are either “balanced” (sideways) 75% of the time or “imbalanced” (vertical), probing up or probing down for new price value acceptance before going back to balanced.

With this clarity and insight, we can trade the repetitive cycles in the market with the Emini Trading School AUTOMATIC MARKET PROFILE SOFTWARE for NinjaTrader or Trade Station. Automatically, the average retail trader as well as institutional traders can view Time-Price-Opportunity(TPO) in a organized and simple manner.

This achievement overcomes indicators and price because now the trader can see and learn value area better than any indicator trader has in the past. This is all seen with our automatic Market Profile Indicator that reflect Institutional and Commercial Capping, Point of Controls, Value Areas, and Single Prints along with Minus Development areas that reflect the markets auctions with the bid and ask and volume of the market. With this information we automatically adapt to the present and future market movements, for we are seeing value based on Supply and Demand rather than price.

Now the average trader will make sense of the constant money flow into the markets with the Emini Trading School’s tools and knowledge, and logic that is available to the public, and which is easily taught to the trader who is tired of losing and staying awake at night wondering how they will beat the markets.

We constantly see the changes within the market place with our automatic Market Profile software, and we continue to implement the basics of trading non-random data. What this means to you the emini trader is to be able to trade the emini es contract with .75 and 1.00 point stops and predictable 10.00 point rewards. By seeing the market as moving around value rather than price, and now knowing where the markets will stop to the tick puts the trader in trades that have minimal risks and large rewards. You won’t need to trade 10 times a day and be involved with random luck trades using range bound indicators. You now will be part of the markets with a clear understanding of the developments of the markets instead of a bystander using only range bound indicators. Our work will always show the trader the 4 W’s of trading – What-Where-When-Why. As a trader you will eventually do what you see the market doing and not what you think might happen. Imagine you now will know why the markets are doing what they are doing each day and begin to trade stress free. You will have a trading plan for each trading day.