Market Commentary

The Basics of Bull and Bear Markets and Why You Should Care

When you get involved in the investing game, you will notice that the terms “bull” and “bear” get thrown around a fair bit. As a beginner trader, you may not understand what they fully mean or why they are important. To be completely clear, it is actually very important that you understand these terms and how to use them. The terms are actually very easy to understand and they are important as they will help describe what you see on…

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What is a Stock Market Broker?

A stock broker is a licensed agent that buys and sells stock on behalf of an investor. In order to trade stocks on a stock exchange, the broker has to be a member of the exchange. Stock brokers are qualified and regulated professionals who buy and sell shares and other securities through market makers on behalf of investors. In order to become a stock broker in the United States, a person must pass exams such as the General Securities Representative…

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