Learn to be A Professional Day Trader in The Emini Trading Room

Learn to be A Professional Day Trader in The Emini Trading Room One of the most popular and successful day trading software being used today can be found on Emini Futures trading site. Here, you can avail of the FREE Emini day trading course. The course is simple to use and learn, and it embraces the tactical concept of not allowing the ego to become involved in one’s trading decisions. Approximately 95% of new traders fall victim to this, especially when other trading sites exaggerate Emini’s trading strategies online. At Emini Trading School, all new traders will learn how to day trade in the Emini trading room. There, new traders can watch how our traders use our proven trading strategies, and they can practice while using a demo account.

With your own demo trading account, you will learn how to use our day trading software and how to effectively apply our proven winning trading strategies. Once you feel comfortable in the Emini trading room, and you fully understand how to apply our winning trading strategies, then you’re ready for a real money account. During your day trading course, you will learn not to expose your profits, and only trade a few times a day. Trading usually lasts just 2 hours a day. New and experienced traders should know not to trade all day in one market, there is too much risk involved. To be a successful day trader, it is not the amount of trades per day, but the amount of profitable trades per day that matters.

What makes the Emini day trading course so successful? When compared to other similar day trading courses, no other educational program offers you more. You will experience more trading time in the Emini trading room and have more screen time than any other course offered. At Emini, we don’t just do trade-calling in our trading room, we are conducting real trades with real money, and every day you will learn how to trade in any market. In fact, this day trading course will be the last course you’ll need to take to become a professional day trader.

Market Profile Ninja Trader Software Helps Give E Mini Day Trading Signals

Trading futures can be a risky endeavor if you’re just starting out or have booked a few trades. If you pursue E Mini day trading, you will always be learning and honing the techniques you use. You must be disciplined with the setups you trade and understand how to read charts to trade successfully. A few steps you can take to help your account balance stay in the green is to use Market Profile Ninja Trader software and understand everything you can about Ninjatrader charts.

Market Profile Ninja Trader software allows an individual to see signals and create entries for trading contracts such as the ES Emini and the NQ Emini. As veteran traders understand, the first hour of trading is often the most lucrative and best time to take profits from the day trading environment. The software gives signals as to what type of trading those early-morning fluctuations will bring and gives directions automatically on expected market swings.

Practice is crucial when you’re E Mini day trading but is made a little easier when you follow the same methodology day after day. The patterns given by the Market Profile software help give that methodology and present a clear path for pulling money out of the Emini markets. The benefit of futures trading is the ability to trade as many contracts as you feel safe doing. Once you learn the Market Profile methodology on one contract trades, you have the ability to increase your risk and wealth potential by adding more contracts to the trade. The software will work the same for any amount of contracts you plan to take.

Also, all types of markets are tradable using Market Profile software. Short signals and long signals allow a day trader to take advantage of the market on both sides. In fact, some of the quickest movements and opportunities come to the trader when the market is on a down slide.

To stay alive in the markets and continue to grow your capital, you must have a system that provides concise signals and allows you to use it as a guide. Combining the Market Profile system with Ninjatrader charts is one of the systems that provide many traders with opportunities every day.

What trading support do I receive after I finish the Emini Trading School Market Profile courses?

We offer unlimited ongoing Market Profile support in the live trading room each and every day and where every question is answered. You will also receive charts regularly of our trades with notes and live one on one support. We offer more live Market Profile Software training and screen time on real markets like the emini es than anyone else in the industry.

Do you assist me in opening up my trading account, trading charts and execution platform?

For sure, this is part of the process of you becoming a professional market profile trader. Remember we are operating the live Trading Room on a daily basis and have endless experience when it comes to preparing our students to trade in the emini es and other markets. You will see our NinjaTrader and Trade Station trading charts and execution platform on a regular basis.

Can you turn a beginner trader into a professional trader, an experienced trader into a better trader?

We do accomplish this on a daily basis via our proprietary software and accounting software. We Practice, Drill, and Rehearse on a daily basis and in the live trading room. Training and Trading is done on a daily basis giving the student the opportunity to learn our repetitious trading methodology in a very short period. Most importantly we are traders also, and on a regular basis, so you will be learning from real traders. When you trade what you teach the education is unparalleled to trading rooms that just call trades and never experience the real world of professional traders. Our software is humanly possible to trade and due to the fact it is traded with real money on a regular basis by our room presenters and moderators.

When will I be receiving training my new emini day trading course and what is my expected learning curve?

We start training with our emini day trading course every morning at 8:00 AM EST and continue training throughout the day until the closing bell, Monday thru Friday. Imagine seeing us use the same day trading software you are using each and every day, thus dramatically increasing your learning curve on how to use the software. We automatically make it is easy for you to learn how to trade any market and any timeframe in our daily emini trading room. An emini day trading course should have day trading software and an instructor who does trade real money and who developed the emini day trading course for real money trading. With most e mini day trading the trade caller does not trader real money or even have an account to trade real money which should be a red flag to any emini trading room.

Do I start trading in a demo account or real money account?

As part of our software setup you are able to trade in a demo account or real account. We suggest beginner traders always start trading in a demo account while learning the software entries and exits. This will give you confidence towards trading real money and without making errors. Experienced traders can start trading real money as soon as their software is setup and along with our live trading room.

What should my expected day trading hours be?

Since the software works on all markets and time frames and various markets do have various exchange hours outside the 24 hour markets you can make your own hours. We have many traders who trade the first two hours of the day or wait to be profitable either from their first trade or a series of trades and then move on to enjoying the free time. We have seen traders in other time zones in the world who trade the very liquid forex markets during the European sessions. Remember, we are training you to be able to walk into your office and look at any market and understand and see what that market is indicating to you to do or not to do. The markets will always be very clear to you as a professional trader. Being flat is a valid position and we do get paid to wait(patience).

We see traders start trading the ES at 8:00 AM EST (just prior to many major economic news reports) and reach their own daily profit goal within their first two hours, and then leave for the day. We have seen ES traders who start trading at the 9:30 AM EST opening bell and be done trading by 11:30 AM EST. We have seen traders who come and trade the last two hours of the each trading day or any other period of the trading day and reach their own daily trading goal and then implement the Portfolio Maximizer Accounting software – compounding their returns.

What size account will I need to start trading?

You need just $3000.00 to start trading the ES or Bonds as well as most other markets. Margin rates do vary depending on the market and whether it is a mini market or the full size market, and if you are holding a position over night. Please check the margin rates associated with your account.

How many trades a day will I be making with the emini trading course?

In the emini trading school we teach traders not to trade all day and thus take 1 to 3 trades a day. The more you trade the more you are exposing your profits, so we train you to trade the high probability entries and usually 2 hours a day. No trader should expect or try to trade 10 times in a day in one market. That would just be incorrect. Trading is not a contest of how many trades the trader can do in a given day, but about making money on a daily basis and compounding their returns with Portfolio Maximizer. We do have a pattern of traders who are successful trading 1 to 3 times a day and for a few hour period.

We see many traders start trading the ES at 8:00 AM EST (just prior to many major economic news reports) and reach their daily profit goal within their first two hours, and then leave for the day. We have many ES traders who start trading at the 9:30 AM EST opening bell and be done trading by 11:30 AM EST. We have many traders who come and trade the last two hours of the each trading day or any other period of the trading day and reach their daily trading goal and then implement the Portfolio Maximizer Accounting software – compounding their returns.

How much will I risk and make on trades?

Our stops or risks are dynamic and automatically adapt to the current market conditions. With the ES 1 minute trading, we will risk .50 points ($25.00) to 3.00 points ($150.00) and with many of our trades risking just 1.50 points($75.00). This is 1 minute ES small stop trading. The further time frame you go out, the larger your stops and profit targets will be. For software to work on all markets and time frames, stop values must be dynamic because markets do go in various increments. The trader never wants to use a fixed value stop on data that is random and always trades with a stop.

The trader wants to be in trades that can run for a homerun or as we refer to them on our charts, “KaBoom Trades”. Imagine the opportunities we have in the markets each day for the 6.00 points ($300.00) to 20.00 points ($1000.00) winning trades. We have a highly sophisticated paint bar study that will help keep the trader in a winning trade by just viewing the color of bar. When long, we stay long while our bars are blue and yellow, and when short, we stay short while the bars are red and yellow. We make it that easy for the trader to let the profits run. For software to work on all markets and time frames, profit value targets must be dynamic for markets do go in various increments. Just like using fixed stops on random data being wrong, it is also wrong to use fixed profit targets on random data.

How long has your trading methodology been used?

We first started developing our software in 1996 and on the full size S&P 500  when there were no electronic markets. We teach you the same foundation our software was founded on: understanding the trend and only trading in that direction, diversified entries for the various market conditions, understanding correct support and resistance, dynamic stops and profit targets, and compounding our returns. This has been our trading plan for over a decade on all markets and time frames. This is an enormous sample size validating the use of the same methodology on various markets and timeframes. We have spent 1000’s of man hours and 100’s of thousand of dollars developing our proprietary Trend Calculation, Cycle Reading Oscillator (that is not a range bound indicator on data that is not range bound), as well as our Market Simulation Indicator. We use our methodology each and every day in the live markets via the emini trading school live trading room.

Does your methodology work on all markets and time frames?

YES! We teach our software each and every day on the 1 minute and 3 minute and 45 minute ES  time frames and with both our Ecourse/NinjaTrader and Trade Station software versions. We also have many students trading our software on stocks, end of day commodities, and currencies, futures, bonds, dax to name a few. We can teach you how to trade all markets using the same methodology.

What makes your course stand out above other courses?

We are recognized for more screen time and training time than any other education program on the internet. We are not just a “trade calling” trading room, but a trading room that trains and trades real money on a daily basis. We have challenged many other software vendors to a trade off, only for them to refuse. Each and every day we focus on training you to become a professional trader with any market or time frame. This will be the last course you need to take towards your ambition of becoming a professional trader. We have the complete business plan for you with our turn key software package and compounding software.

Do you offer phone consultations prior to signing up for your course?

Yes, We are available each and every day in the live markets to consult and direct you in your trading career. Call us directly at 425 512 6463 and talk to the developer or trading room presenter/moderator about our trading. We are here to teach you what we do live every day in the emini trading school.

Do you offer one-on-one consultation with your Instructor and trader?

Yes, we do. We specialize with consulting and working with individual traders and real time markets in the emini trading school. We offer more consulting and training screen time than anyone else in the industry. You will never be lost in the markets again.

What should I do to learn more about emini trading school?

Sign into the FREE emini trading school Tuesday – 10:30 AM EST, Wednesday- 2:30 PM EST, and Thursday – 10:30 AM EST  for FREE. Once you are in the room, feel free to type in any questions you might have, or talk on the phone with one of our representatives.