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Market Profile Emini Trading Room + Market Profile Indicator for NinjaTrader = Market Profile Trading
TPO Indicator = Time, Price, Opportunity

Huge TPO Indicator sale for NinjaTrader. Regular price $899.00 and now $499.00 and for a limited time.

Emini Trading School reviews and teaches the TPO Indicator or Market Profile Indicator for NinjaTrader Charts with our Free Training Series Classes on Wednesday at 4:15 PM EST. Our market profile class includes a free 7 day trial with the most advanced Market Profile Indicator available for NinjaTrader. The class is free for all TPO Indicator users and with ETS answering all tech support questions and covering the general use of this Market Profile Indicator.

Various functions our NinjaTrader TPO Indicator performs:

TPO Charts, TPO Chart on Normal Bars, TPO Chart on 2nd Panel, Current session TPO Chart and the only 1 click TPO Composite Chart that is available to the public. The TPO indicator will also plot, Initial Balance, Value Area, Initial Balance, 1 1/2 & 2 & 3 times IB, Naked Value Area, Point of Control and Naked Point of Control, Single Prints, New Distributions, 2nd Value Areas, and even High Volume Nodes. These Market Profile Levels can be viewed on any market and both Day sessions and the Globex session. The Emini Day Trader, Commodity Trader, Stock Trader, all Traders can even plot technical indicators in the sub-graph on the TPO Chart, which is a first for Market Profile Traders.

Please use the video manual on this page for the NinjaTrader chart setup and the general operations with what each input value inside the TPO indicator will perform for the Trader.
A complete TPO video manual will be sent to the trader with their lifetime TPO Indicator purchase or 3 month minimum TPO Indicator lease.
If the Trader purchases the Ninja Trader TPO Indicator within their 7 day trail you will receive a $200.00 discount off of the $899.00 price. The trader may also purchase the indicator on a payment plan with $400.00 down and 4 payments of $125.00 per month. The Trader can also lease the TPO Indicator for $55.00 per month with a 3 month minimum lease.

EminiTradingSchool has developed their own Market Delta, but with horizontal levels instead of the numerous numbers that are usually viewed with Market Delta and Market Balance. Most traders do not know what to do with all the numbers that are plotted in a Market Delta screen and become overwhelmed. We have resolved this issue and teach traders what is valuable to the day trader with predicting where the market will auction to and to the tick and with it clearly plotted on our charts.

Market Profile TPO Indicator for Ninja Trader Quick Start Setup with windows 8