Full Version for Tradestation

Market Profile Full Version for Ninja Trader or Tradestation

Full Version for Ninja Trader or Tradestation $6995.00 (Purchase during the free trial and save an extra 20%)

This package includes our Famous Market Profile Daily Seminar Training and Market Profile Charting Software, a must have for all traders, all Market Profile automatic color coded alerts and relevant Market Profile Levels.  Emini Trading School reviews Market Profile Trading each trading day in our emini trading room.

  • Your training starts the same day you sign up and with complete access to the live Market Profile ES emini trading room.
  • There are over 30 hours hours of trading and training videos that cover every aspect of trading Market Profile, Auction Market Theory, and Profile Trading.
  • This includes 5 months in our live emini trading school and with non-stop Market Profile training everyday!
  • All Market Profile automatic entries and exits that are color coded and automatically plot the initial stop and breakeven stop and profit target.
  • This software package includes unlimited tech support and training and our workspaces that build automatically.

This sophisticated yet simple Market Profile Trading Plan and Market Profile Software removes emotion from your trading decisions. Our Full Version emini software incorporates every aspect of a complete Trading Plan and Market Profile Software. Every signal is designed to be visually clear and obvious at a glance, and leaving almost no room for misinterpretation.

Our exits are easily defined. Stop-losses and profit-targets are dynamic. Multiple profit targets allow emini traders to scale out of trades. Dynamic stop losses are automatically tightened when a trade becomes profitable, which seeks to reduce our risk and often locks-in profit.

Every time the Market Profile software and trading plan signals you to take action, the emini trader will not be surprised or not have seen this repetitive trade and expected outcome before. You then need to look at the charts only when you get an alert. There is never a reason to stare at the charts constantly. This is all taught to the trader with over 30 hours of training videos that you can review over and over and match to our Live Emini Trading Room. Everything is turn key with setting up your work spaces to actual live trading.

This is Market Profile for NinjaTrader or Tradestation Charting and is designed for the trader who wants to trade hands-on with any market.