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Market Profile Charts for NinjaTrader & Tradestation

Emini Trading School Reviews Market Profile Charts for both Ninja Trader and Tradestation.

If you are currently trading the S&P 500 or the e-mini contract with Market Profile for Ninja Trader or Tradestation, and looking for an e-mini trading room to learn about the Market Profile Trading, then you owe it to yourself to join us at our Emini Trading School where you can listen, watch, learn and earn during each and every trading day.

Every color coded level is automatically generated from our Market Profile software, is relevant to every e-mini trade and can be learned by you once you are committed to becoming a professional trader. We actually do trade the e-mini contract for our own account. We are traders teaching traders.

You will hear us say over and over again that it is impossible to learn from so-called mentors, or system vendors, who do not actually trade and don’t even have a trading account. If 95% of all traders lose utilizing such systems then it is logical to assume that 95% of those system vendors are peddling trading software that simply does not work — their actual business is selling software and not doing trades. Selling and marketing to you the answers you want to hear (such as, “We can teach you how to trade in 2 weeks with our indicator.”) is only the start of a path which inevitably leads you to losing your hard earned money, will only waste your valuable time and will create additional trading baggage.

You need to look in the mirror and ask yourself “Are you are a trader who believes that there really is a KISS method to trading or do you acknowledge the fact that nothing in life worth doing that can be learned in only a few weeks.” Other than repetitive, back breaking un-skilled manual labor, there is not one job in this world that can be learned in less than 30 days. It would be our suggestion that it is time to stop chasing the many get rich fast schemes in the e-mini trading arena.

We re-enforce each day in our emini Trading School that it will take 1 to 5 months to correctly learn our accurate and profitable Market Profile trading.

We truly do expect to be profitable each and every day and when following the trading plan and using our Market Profile Charts for Ninja Trader or Tradestation.