Emini Trading School Reviews

Greg, I want thank you for introduced Market Profile to my daily trading. My trading has changed dramatically when I start to see different day type and by seeing these day type, I was able to determine the direction of the instruments. Although I only trade crude oil contract, the same setup on S&P can be found on CL everyday. I will “NEVER” go back to “INDICATOR” trading again.

Jonathan L.

I would like to take a moment to thank you and the Emini Trading School for making a different in my trading. You have introduce me to  Market Profile using the Market profile trading plan develop by Emini Trading School. I have notice a great improvement in how I interpret the market action using the trading plan. I am looking forward to continuing my education with your program. This has made trading fun and help my confidence. I also want to thank you for your time and dedication to teaching us. Thanks so much

Joe S.

Hi Greg,

So far Mike and I are enjoying the room and learning a lot. Our progression has really started to pick up over the past week. Thank you for that. Mike and I will be pointing another CBOT trader your way shortly. He is not a part of our group but has been a friend and mentor to both of us throughout our trading careers. He is an old floor trader who is looking to trade from the screen during his retirement. We feel that MP trading might be just the right thing for him as he learns to make the transition from floor to screen. At any rate, just wanted to give you the heads-up. Be on the look out for Dr. S K. He will most likely contact you via email about joining the room soon.

Adam R
Mike B

I recently took the Emini Trading School 6-day course and purchased their Market Profile software.  As someone who was completely new to trading, it took awhile to put the pieces together but once I began to study and understand the various nuances of Market Profile and Auction Market theory I personally believe there is no better method of trading the markets.  The software package has performed flawlessly with Ninja Trader and has given me a greater overview of the market direction throughout the trading day.  Having spoken with Greg in regards to his software on numerous occasions over the phone  he has always been courteous and willing to answer any questions that I had.  Greg has truly broadened my horizons when it comes to seeing and knowing what the markets are attempting to do.  Thanks Greg.

James  18/08/2011

Greetings from Thomas Yick in Maryland.  This is my second month now as a monthly subscriber and I feel it is the time for me to jot down my ideas and seek advice whether I should continue learning the Market Profile software from your shop.
My sincere compliments of Greg doing an excellent job as moderator. It is obvious he has a passion for trading. He is willing to share his experience to help novice traders learning the MP software and making some money at the same time. He keeps updating the market data  i.e. day type, lva, hva, naked area, and at the same time suggesting  trading strategy i.e. buy/sell  entry location, stop loss and profit target etc. I simply enjoyed trading with him during the regular trading hours.

Hi Greg,
I am out with 10.25 points on my trade today.  I might have held it a little longer had I not needed to leave the house.
Kind of bored now with 2 or 3 point trades, you know?
Dana  :)

“I started trading, or rather I should say I started receiving an education on May 25, 2011 when I joined the Emini Trading School.  The reason I say I started receiving an education is that Greg helped introduce me to whole concept of Market Profile real-time.  I had read about it, but quite frankly I was lost in the mass of information on it. Greg has helped me to start what I call my ‘MP Journey.’ And talk about a journey! I am just getting started and learning more each day. Having said that, I started trading in sim mode after being in the trading room for two days.
I traded in sim mode for the next two days and made money on both of those days. Since then I have been trading live and I have made money ever since.  Counting the two sim days, I now have 17 days in a row profitable. My goal is to get 2-4 points a day on the ES. Currently my daily average is 4.25 points since starting with Greg. I know I can make more, because I’m just getting started and I am still struggling with late entries some of the time, but even being late, I have been having net positive days. I am no longer tense when I trade. I wake up expecting that I am going to make money, because now through Market Profile I am understanding why the market does what it does and that quite honestly, has opened up a whole new trading world to me.”

Bill Allen

I’ve have been using the ETS software for a little over a year.  The software has helped me greatly with my trading.  I am now able to recognize the direction the market is headed.  The support and resistance are clearly charted on the chart.  The ETS software is a must for any successful trader.  I highly recommend the ETS software to beginner and seasoned traders.
Connie C. 05/23/11

Hi Greg and Giles –

Just a quick note to say THANKS again for providing a solid framework in Market Profile (MP) trading for any motivated trader.
To any individual contemplating the benefits of joining ETS’s trade room or taking the MP Seminar, all the tools are provided to be successful trading many markets.
The missing ingredient is your effort, and I don’t say that lightly, this can and is the most rewarding and challenging endeavor you’ll ever experience (except climbing Mt. Everest).  As I reflect on my trading path, which began two years ago, the following summarizes my steps:
  • Bought the software for Trade Station and Ninja Trader
  • Participated in the ETS trade room
  • Began to understand how the markets work
  • Ask questions and engage Greg and Giles to discuss MP and markets
  • Attend the ETS Market Profile Seminar, twice
  • Read MP Books
  • Did homework every night, and morning
  • Practiced MP set-ups using Market Replay on NT based on trading plan for specific days
  • Continue to practice-drill-rehearse and have face time with chart
Greg’s passion for trading is infectious, he is able to articulate the market profile charts used with ETS into valuable trade set-ups according to the trading plan and day type.  ETS offers the best MP software, the best trading room and the greatest opportunity to learn how to trade using Market Profile with consistent positive cash flow.

01/11/10 [11:01] CS: I am learning as I go… I have been in the positive last week up 13g and this week up 3 for now
[11:00] CS: all on the russell with real money
[10:51] Giles Kolakowski: I got this from Chris this morning;  [10:48] Chris S: Yeahh… I was up 13 G last week  [10:49] Chris S: not bad for about 3 weeks into trading…  this has truly been a blessing… I know that it is not me…)))

12/18/09 [9:39] CS: so far so good… trading 6 contracts and up over a $1000. for fast couple of days consistently…

08/21/09 E-mini ES Day Traders

[8:21] CY: Took profit when the red line crossed down again. I’m happy to walk away with 11 points on the last day of the week. So, I’m logging off now. Hope everyone has a good ending on today’s trading. And have a good weekend! Cya!

[8:23] PW: I am up 7 pts (including 1 loser) on TS 244T – not as good as Chris, but no complaints.

Day Traders who are patient and willing to practice the discipline with the eminitradingschool software do very well. Traders, try not to overtrade since trading is not a contest to how many trades one does, but the quality of the trades that are generated and then managed. Many of our traders do trade a few hour period and then stop trading for the day in order to avoid errors from fatigue and stress. Use our free portfolio maximizer software and compound your returns so you can trade more contracts and trade fewer hours.

Got this from Chris this morning 08/11/09:  [8:06] Chris Y: i took a rsi short on the 244tick @1001.50 (only 3 tick risk, wow!) made 6.75 pts total. just gonna be observing a bit for the rest of the night

Hi Giles,
The training video was great. WOW! I’m excited. I can see myself purchasing the software within the first or second week in the room.
What is the minimum system requirements for the software? I use Windows XP, 512RAM and 3GB hard drive (waiting for Windows 7 before upgrading). Currently using TradeStation.
Do I qualify for the 10% discount if I had only 1 day in the free trial period and I just started in the monthly subscription trading room?
Your website says there is a $1,000 installment payment option. Can you confirm that it is a monthly installment?
Thank you!

Dear Greg,
Greg, its been really awesome since taking the ecourse. In the past few weeks, I have been meeting my daily goals of 3 points and had only 1 losing day and 1 scratch day. Greg’s e-course has really helped to put me to a different level of trading.
I think I am reaching the level that I am confident going on my own now. So I am writing to check when the next due date is for the room services renewal as I may not need to renew it for the coming month.
I have been using greg setup trading German Bunds and usually meet my daily goal by the UK lunchtime (6AM CET) so from now on I may not be regularly logging into the room and therefore wont be worthwhile carrying on the service.
Thanks once again for your help all along.
Looking forward to hearing back from you with regards to the above matter.
Kind regards
Eddie S
PS: I would like to leave some positive feedbacks to your services please direct me how I can do this. Thanks!

“My trading has really improved since joining the zoom room with Greg and Giles. I have more confidence to stay in the good trades and the discipline to exit the bad ones. Greg trades real money right alongside us and isn’t afraid to show and explain the losers. I believe this makes the entire method legitimate. I would absolutely recommend the zoom room to anyone who wants to learn or just improve their trading.”

Peter S.

[13:23] MW: out with 2 10 point moves thanks Greg see you tomorrow

[14:02] CC: you are doing a great job teaching the software

[8:25 am] MK: I am am up $1,371 today between premarket bonds & ES
not taking any more trades for now.

[9:44 am] EL: Great system that you have, thank you, 4 for 4,
also what is the first indicator that tells you to prepare to trade

[9:49 am] EL: Thank you, the system seems to work well

[2:41 pm] MA: Just wanted to Thank You Greg for an excellent presentation
of the True Trend. Today was my first full day in the room and it was great.

[1:51 pm] MA: Thanks Greg for another Informative day and profitable too

[8:22 am] MA: Somebody asked what the learning curve is on these techniques.
I found them extremely straight forward and clear and concise. In one day I could
spot the True Trend Trades fairly easily

[8:23 am] MA: After 2 days i could do them in my sleep. This is a very straight
forward technique that you will pick up rapidly

[1:14 pm] WH: Great job…I took an early stop..but still got 3 points out of it

[8:32 am] AL: I will take your advice….I had a great Friday and a great week.
Need to learn discipline and less trading so this is a good test. Have a good weekend.
Thanks again for all your help / wisdom.

[8:43 am] Greg Presenter: [8:25 am] dv.: 244 tracking the same today – made money also

[10:41 am] cb: yes got the !st trade,”feel good”

cg:thanks, Greg. Enjoyed it. c u tomor
[2:04 pm]-SM:Awesome day. Thx. Only traded for 30 minutes today, but was able to stay in trades longer. Great profitable day!

I was a Peak 26 client of yours way back when. I was living in Shaker Heights, Ohio and then moved to Pennsylvania. I purchased my wife’s engagement ring with profits trading your system (remember the testimonial I gave you?).
Anyway, good to see that you’re still in the business and doing well. Tell me more about your latest endeavors when you have time.
Best regards, DG

Greg / Giles,
I want to thank you for all that I have learned this past month. I have been trading for about two years with extremely erratic equity swings. I never considered myself a counter trend trader and always tried to “follow the trend.” The problem was I did not how to define the trend. Of all the tools you provide there is no doubt in my mind that the Trend Reader has helped me to four consecutive profitable weeks, in that time I had only three losing days and one breakeven day. Most days I am done by 9:30 CST. One of my goals is to trade less and walk away when my daily goal is hit; no matter what time of day it is.
I also love your support and resistance area’s as it has helped me pass on trades as well on capitalize on great area’s to: get in and to exit.
As I write this on Tuesday morning after Memorial Day I have already hit my daily goal in the EC and will not be trading the ES today.
Thanks for all your help.


[8:41] db: This is absolutly the best Trading Room I have been in because they teach you how to trade live right along with them. You can actually see what they are doing live with their charts as they enter trades and why. This is also the first trading room where the instructor gives out his phone number to the members and you can call and discuss problems you are having and how to correct it during trading hours. I came here with many bad habits one of the main ones being that I always jump out to early but with the trading software or with the displayed charts there are color coded bars that let you know when to exit. I would recommend this room to everyone that needs help in learning to daytrade and especially those that have been unable to find the right kind of help anywhere else.  Don Buck
[8:28] JK: Great 2 days for me.  I’ve been ready to quit for a while, but the encouragement from the room has helped me not to give up.  Looking forward to a few more good trades so that I can buy the new MS & MP software.  It looks awesome!!  I love Brett’s style.  The mornings are early for me, but I’m done before my family is awake.
[8:38] JK: Just frustrating, but feeling better.  Not losing $, just flip flopping
[8:34] jj: Greg i was going to stay month, a couple month to see if i can learn this system. it really look good
[8:23] DN: thx greg. great trade!
[9:59] PM: Have a great weekend. thanks to all. I’m off to the gym. up 5 1/2 pts
Steve S here, that was a fun day today. I’ve never had such a handle on the market. I did a couple slightly independent trades (all in demo of coarse), in the 244 tick charts, with confirmation from 3 min and 30 min, every time, the trade went in my favor. I did happen to see those 1 point risk trades, though, I wasn’t fast enough on the 244 to catch them. I also enjoyed the trades you took and observed others taking. For the first time in actual (using the simulator) day trading, my sim account had a positive number greater than $25.00. In fact, I quit taking trades at +$312.50 today, and that was at 10:00 AM!! I saw those other two that you all were talking about, and in fact could’ve taken either or both because, my charts showed the same thing! That’s what I love about your system. I don’t know if today is the exception or the rule, but I glad I jumped aboard, and look forward to more successes with you guys! Also, looking way forward to the Ninja stuff. Hope they hurry up and get it right!
On a final note, I haven’t finished watching the videos, but the logic and directional bias of this system even gave me the confidence to trade alone, without you moderating in the room, and off of my charts, not even using yours. That was very encouraging!!
Thanks again
[14:00] CC: none…LOL…just I was in from 68.25
[14:02] CC: just trading what I see that’s all…doing what you teach…you should be proud
[14:04] CC: yes, the ecourse and MP together worked great today
[14:05] CC: and all the other days…
This is a small stop 20 point winning trade with the ecourse.
Whether you are on Ninja Trader or Trade Station emini traders are so please with the Ecourse and the automatic Market Profile software from emini trading school. Trade live with professional traders in our live trading room.
[7:27]-Rob C:GM all. I stayed over as planned and came home yesterday. The flight I was to be on was cancelled – Delta rerouted me and bumped me to 1st class without consulting me, and got me home last night a few minutes earlier than originally scheduled. All is good. Seminar was awesome, as was the chance to hang out with everyone who was there.
[8:12]-Greg Presenter:Mills the short we showed you at the seminar worked well, had a few reason to short it, as i said we will push down from the 09 area
I have spent 20 years and plenty of money trading futures and commodities contracts.  Over that span of time I have never made money on a consistent basis……. Until Now.   A few months ago while searching the web for a trading clock; I stumbled upon the Emini Trading School.  For no other reason except it was free, I did the 3 day trail of the ETS Trading Room.  A couple of things caught my interest right away.  One was a term I had not heard much about, Market Profile, and the other was Greg, the moderator, he seemed to be picking tops and bottoms.  My whole life I had heard that this was not possible, but I was seeing it with my own eyes.  On the second day of my 3 day free trial I signed up for a month in the room and by the end of the first week I had purchased the ETS Market Profile software.  It has taken some time and hard work, but I am now one of those 5% of people who make money trading the S&P Emini’s.  I recently attended an ETS live seminar in Denver that has really pushed me over the top.  My average loser, when I have one, is between -5 ticks and +1 tick, while my average winner these days is 5 points or more.  In addition to that, since the seminar I have had several 15 to 20 point winners.  Now that can really do something for your PnL.  Greg and the whole ETS team really want you to succeed.  The combination of the ETS MP software, the Trading Room and the hands on training is a winning combination.  For example, as I type this I am up over 3 points in a trade with another 3 points locked in (for real).  Michael Jacaruso, NC