Understanding Our Entries

Understanding Our Entries

There are many ways to get into a trade. Any one trading signal might work in a certain market, but the same signal may fail when market conditions change. No single entry can be used in all market conditions, just as no single tool can do all jobs. Our trading signals are diversified in order to achieve smooth long-term gains during all types of market movement. This is one of the many advantages of our turn key trading software.

Keep It Simple – When our trading signals appear, you will be automatically alerted via cell phone, email and audio/visual alerts on your computer. Because our emini trading software is applied to the 1 or 3 min, 45 min, time frames; you are allowed plenty of time to look at the charts when an emini trading signal comes in.

It is not possible to provide a forecast with complete certainty, but with diversified trading signals, the probability of a correct forecast can be determined in a rational, smooth manner. Our diversified entry setups are based on the alignment of multiple trend analyses. Each entry signal uses specific calculations and Fibonacci support/resistance levels, depending on the current condition of the markets.

Our trading software offers 5 different color coded trading signals, each designed to predict movement for different reasons. The trader can apply our entry signals to any market and any time frame. The trading signals follow the same rules no matter which time frame or markets they are applied to. Entry rules work across all market conditions, and create a stable mathematical sample size of trades. No matter what the market condition, our investment in the market stays roughly the same. A trader does not need to trade all the entries to be successful. Many traders start off trading just one entry and work towards a balance point with the amount of signals you can handle in a day.

True Trend – We run this powerful entry everyday in our room and on many markets because of the ability this entry has with recognizing an immediate trend and then getting on board that trend.

Trend Breakout – The Trend Breakout signal looks for an established trend that is exhibiting a minimal retracement prior to the next move. This entry indicates we should go through the next immediate support or resistance level. These moves are based on the 26% Fibonacci retracement level.

Long Term Trend – The Long Term trading signal reads momentum, and is based on the 38% to 100% Fibonacci levels. It tells us to enter a trade at the most stable price in the market. The color coded stops do update automatically and will keep you in a trend

Deep Retracement – The Deep Retracement trading signal reads price action, and finds entries up to the 50% Fibonacci retracement level. It tells us to enter at the most advantageous price of the trend.

Sideways Market – This is our sideways market entry a trader will find in the direction of the trend. The entry reads the sideways market noise and enters at the high or low of the trading period depending on the Trend direction. This is an ideal entry for sideways markets. The Sideways market entry will try to get the trader into the markets at the bottom of the bell curve, thus giving the trader some room for profit. This is a low stress entry in non-trending markets.

Our emini trading does not treat trading like a contest to see how many trades we can take. A key for long-term success is knowing when not to trade. For long-term success, trades must be based on precise, clearly-defined signals that offer high-probability gains in a low-stress environment.

Emini Trading School – We invite you to join us in the Emini Trading School, where you will see Live Trading, complete with notes for each emini trade. During our Live Presentations, we will describe our most recent trades and show you the ease and accuracy of our emini trading software.

Our Emini Trading School is open daily at the opening bell and daily. Stop in to inspect our futures charts and ask questions.