Understanding Our Exits

Understanding Our Exits

Once we are in an e-mini trade, we let the market tell us when to get out. Our e-mini trading software is programmed to recognize market conditions, and react accordingly. Emini Trading School understands the importance of exits and developed its own proprietary exit that is very smooth. You see it written on our charts all the time ”blue and yellow bars stay long” and “red and yellow bars stay short.” We have spent the necessary time and expenditures on developing this dream-come-true exit, because the trader needs to always let their profits run when the market dictates it to us so clearly. Take a look at our Sample Trades and see these exits for yourself.

This is possible because our futures trading signals are programmed to be diversified and dynamic. We use dynamic initial stops and dynamic one-time risk trailers. We also use multiple dynamic profit targets, which allow you to take profit, at the same time controlling losses while a trade is on its way to “KaBoom Profits” territory.

Once you are in a trade, the markets must be considered random. The futures data is always changing, so it cannot be harnessed with the use of fixed numbers or percentages. This is one reason why trading systems that use trailing stops, fixed stops, and optimized profit targets often fail to bring long-term gains.

A 2:1 reward-risk ratio is a prudent general rule of e-mini trading, but it is not a realistic expectation for every trade. It does not make sense to use any fixed value as a tool to harness data with randomly changing patterns. Lower risk-reward ratios have been extremely accurate with many of our high-probability trades. Our trades often boast 5:1 reward-risk ratios until the exit.

Dynamic exits that change with market action are the only tools that can turn random emini futures data into consistent gains.

Our e-mini trading room is open Monday thru Friday starting at the opening bell. Every EXIT is displayed on our charts, complete with notes clearly describing the exit. We will give live explanations during scheduled presentation times. You will learn trading just by spending time in our trading room. This type of E-mini trading education is far beyond that provided by any of our competition. This is e-mini futures trading made easy.

Log in any time to inspect the charts and ask questions. When you see our trading software in action, the power of emini trading school will become obvious.