VirtNext Algo trading software is not a scam, based on our trader test group, and in fact ranks as one of the better robots out there. In this review, we will explain what we have seen first-hand with this trading software. First though, it’s very possible that VirtNext could be the very best binary trading software we’ve seen since the beginning of 2015. Consequently, this has prompted us to write an in-depth review concerning the trading software, including the features and what makes it outstanding among its close competitors.
VirtNext Software Review: The Features
First, it should be noted that VirtNext is quite different from other binary options software you see in the market right now.
High-speed trading feature
The software has a feature that lets it utilize extremely fast computers to outshine competing traders. This feature has been built into the algorithm of the software itself, and its working makes people wonder because the software rarely losses when put to task.
In high-frequency trading, the fastest trader will always win. And this is why VirtNext software is giving advantage to its users compared to what other traders are using out there.
Product Name : Virtnext
Win Rate of Signals : 86%

Many binary trading software reviews claim that the software they are writing a review on is mobile-friendly when that’s not the case. See, VirtNext is one of a kind trading software that has been optimized specifically to those who love using their mobile devices to trade.
The makers of this software thought it was expedient to add a separate mobile interface for those who trade using their smart devices most of the time. This is useful because, for one, it maximizes a trader’s profit, and secondly, it makes trading quite convenient as every trader will be able to execute their high-speed trades on the go.
Powerful algorithm
In as much as accuracy is something we’re suppose to consider in the advantage/disadvantage category, we thought it would be wise to highlight it as a feature and advantage as well.
You see, high-speed trading is always associated with high accuracy. The software has so far done 1,478 trades in its lifetime. Out of all these trades, it is reported that it has only lost 4 trades so far.
VirtNext powerful algorithm trades with 163 exchanges. Still, a big percentage of these trades emerge successful, thanks to the intelligence that pushes it like the fine working of a watch.
Fully and semi-automated
Once you lay your hands on VirtNext, the choice of how you want to operate it relies with you. The software can either be put to run purely on autopilot or have some degree of human control to determine the outcome.
Unlike other scam trading software you’ve seen in many online reviews, the results that VirtNext gives with both auto and semi-auto trading are surprisingly pleasant. This feature has actually made this software appear even more attractive among its competitors.
Handles various currencies and futures in the market
Traders who recognize the value of variety in the binary options market know that a good software should support multiple currency trading and futures in the market. With so many options, traders can easily choose what they love trading with.
Furthermore, the software makes it possible for traders to set parameters concerning which assets they want to work with. Under this feature, VirtNext software still offers the Buy/Sell options for all its assets.
VirtNext System advantages
(a) No doubt it’s good news to hear that most traders make at least $2,500 per any given trading day. This is a figure that most VirtNext Algo Trading Software reviews say is very possible to reach in a day.
(b) The software doesn’t come with a fake scarcity counter. The only counter that has been incorporated into the platform is one that makes you hurry up, and this is good for you.
(c) The official website doesn’t have paid actor testimonials like what other scam software do. Such rogue websites simply pay for people to write a positive review or two on their site so it can appear convincing. However, with VirtNext trading app, everything is genuine.
(d) It’s free to use this software. You don’t have to pay a dime to download it on your PC or mobile device. All you have to do is sign up with any one of their chosen brokers.
(e) Convincing proof of profit can be found everywhere on the web, especially when you read other online reviews talking about the software. You can even ask for more proof and it will be unleashed to you at no cost. So if you had it in your mind that this was just some kind of scam, you should think again.
(f) Sum it up with the controversial high-speed trading (which had delayed the launching of the software) and you get one, holistic trading platform that generates you the kind of money you want.
Is VirtNext a Scam ?
This software was initially delayed due to some controversies with high-speed trading and whether it was legal or not.
Author of the Flash Boys book, Michael Lewis, wrote about high-frequency trading which was considered offensive by guys at Wallstreet. It accused them of cheating by way of utilizing high-speed trading tactics.
When this book was released to the public, a formal investigation was launched to determine whether or not this form of trading was legal. In the end, it was discovered that traders who participated in high-frequency trading did nothing wrong, except that they traded faster than others.
Therefore, VirtNext signals cannot be termed as scam. What’s more, there is no way all the proof out there can turn out to be scam.
The pricing
You just need to open a free account with VirtNext so you can fill up a broker’s sign up form. You will deposit $250 and set your risk level. You have the freedom of setting whatever trade size you want. Most people begin with $25.
VirtNext is one of the most robust and consistent trading robots we have tested. Many on our own staff have used this autotrader and have seen solid profits so far and we are happy to give the product an enthusiastic review. With so many robots out there being a scam, it is refreshing to come across a solid and profitable platform.
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