Emini Trading School Tour

Emini Trading School Tour

NinjaTrader Market Profile Software + Tradestation Market Profile Software = Emini Trading Room

Emini Trading School Reviews our Virtual Tour Of Our Emini Trading Room

If it’s your goal to become a professional emini day trader and swap a hectic 9-to-5 job for a career that affords you more “me time,” Market Profile training will be essential. Diving into the markets without an understanding of the Non-Random Markets and a correct trading plan can be a huge let down for the emini day trader. At Emini Trading School, we’re here to teach you what you need to know so you will have an edge on the emini markets. Our emini trading school is designed to give you the practical knowledge and logic you require, along with specialized market profile software and Market Profile Trading Plan to make your new “job” a joy to transition into.

The Emini Trading System was developed with care by experts in the field to teach everyday people just like you what they need to know to succeed. Our emini trading school and Market Profile Trading have been in place since 1997. We offer a well-rounded approach that ensures students walk away not only with the hands-on training they require from a day trading school, but also the confidence required to make trading a career.

We invite you to take a virtual tour of our day trading school so you can see for yourself why so many of our alumni recommend Emini Trading School to others. Our mission goes well beyond just teaching the basics, we also strive to make certain our students are fully equipped with the tools they need. Our Emini trading software, Market Profile software, NinjaTrader Market Profile Software, Tradestation Market Profile Software and our other packages are designed to help students learn how to trade and guide them for years to come.

When students complete our daily Market Profile Trading School, they will be able to:

  • Have a MP Trading  Plan pre-market, for the opening and during the regular trading session
  • Take advantage of a pre-market Globex trade every morning.
  • Recognize and understand the 6 MP Day Types and how you will trade that day type.
  • Identify and understand actual HVN and LVN nodes, Value Area, Point of Control, Single Prints to name just a few MP Levels and then trade them to the tick.
  • Know the trade location prior to entering a trade and which way is the market auctioning and is it being efficient with the attempted direction.
  • Know how to trade with a SMALL stop and to recognize where to place this dynamic stop.
  • Understand when a stop needs to be moved to break even giving the trade a chance to go where you now will now see it going and to the tick.
  • How to let trades run for 4 points and more reward to risks while using our highly accurate big profit targets.
  • Exercise confidence when trading for now you are doing what you see and not what you think.

With Emini day trading, it is our ambition to help others become successful in the field. Take a tour of our day trading school and see for yourself. To gain even more insight about what we offer, sign up for a free trial today.